Monday, March 21, 2011

S... Spice it up!

Okay, I thought the "nesting" thing was pregnancy specific.  I nested HEAVILY in my last weeks of pregnancy- wanting to organize, sort and label everything!  But, although my time is limited... my desire to organize and sort is still strong!

I recently wanted to deal with my spices.  They were a "hot mess" in my cabinet!   I always had to go digging to find the spice I was looking for.  And, my pantry door was screaming to be used for something.   I like to make the most of space and  I had wanted a magnetic spice rack for a quite a while.  The racks I saw online were expensive, so I got a bit creative.

 I sent the husband to Home Depot and had him get me a magnetic piece of sheet metal. Cost $15.  I then did a massive google search to find small magnet tins.  I ended up finding the perfect spice tins at Pfaltzgraff.  They are $3.99 for 3 tins.  I googled a promo code and got them all 15% off and free shipping.    Not bad.... hunh?  I bought (but would be easy to make) spice labels at Amazon.   They were $3.95 for 96 labels.   I later added in a few larger tins and a magnet cup (for pens, scissors, etc).  

I think it uses the space wisely and is cute to boot!  What do you think?  Until next time....xoxo

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  1. That's just cool! And you can then see when you need to refill/replenish!