Friday, April 22, 2011

B is for bench! Outdoors!

Okay, we have been working on something at home!  It involves our backyard and I am SUPER excited about it!  Drum roll please..............................

We built outdoor benches!  They are a work in progress still, but they are looking great.  The husband and his dad really stepped up the game on this project.   The Dad-in-Law was critical in the planning and execution phase!  A BIG thanks to him.

We started from a "inspiration photo" which the husband found on Flickr via a google search!

My husband really wants to do an arbor too (like this photo has too), but I really feel like our yard is too small for an arbor.  But, back to the benches.  We are using pressure treated wood that we will eventually stain black or some other color.    We added to small tables at the end of each bench and one tall table (where I want to put potted herbs) in the corner.  We have plans for the third "wall" which I will debut at a later date!

Here are some in progress photos!  Did I mention that I am excited?

 I cannot wait to finish these up and have a big reveal.   Once stained... I want to throw a cute "outdoor pillow" or two on them and have some friends over.   I love these benches for the entertaining options they will offer, not to mention the general ambiance!  Stay tuned.  Until next time...xoxo

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