Friday, June 3, 2011

R & B .... Room & Board!

So, last week I was in Chicago for work.  After a long day of meetings I meandered down Michigan Avenue back to my hotel.  I stumbled across Room and Board .... a big Room and Board and had to go in. Do you know of this store?  They have amazing stuff at somewhat affordable prices (not cheap but not ridiculous).   My friend NJ introduced me to this place in NYC a few years ago.  They only have stores in a handful of places, but they do ship almost everywhere.

I meandered through the 3 story store with couches in mind!  As I have mentioned before- we are considering a new furniture arrangment in our home which requires two couches. Our current couch and loveseat are NOT in good shape... I really want new couches!

My philosophy on couches is that you should always buy a solid neutral!  A good neutral couch is a like the perfect little black dress- you will never get bored and can "accessorize" to give it flair!  I am going practical these days and will get a microfiber couch that can be steam cleaned!   Kids are messy... I am learning.

Which is my favorite?  Do you know?  
The Loring

The Monroe
The Hawthorne

The Maddox

It is the Hawthorne... I like the brown chocolate color!  Um, yes.... I will take two please!  I love me some Room and Board!  Until next time...xoxo

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