Thursday, March 31, 2011

D is for Double...

So, as I blogged about- we have hopes of building a LARGE built in in our family room.  This will be great as we desperately need the storage and I love all things built in!    When the built in is complete we plan to replace our family room furniture.  Our current couch and loveseat have truly seen better days!  I bought it cheaply in my single days it the cushions are saggy and lumpy.  The worst part is that the light khaki color is now dirty and spotted and dingy!

I will be more practical in my next couch purchase and go with something easy to spot clean and darker in color (likely chocolate brown).  Something that will hide dirty fingerprints!   I also want to maximize the space and put in as much seating as we can.  This means that I want to get rid of couch and loveseat and replace with double couches and maybe two chairs!  I love the double couch look... especially when you have a huge room.  Who does not want more seating!?

Check out these double couch looks!  

Double trouble!  Now if we can only get this damn thing built!  Until next time...xoxo

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