Wednesday, January 11, 2012

P is for Playroom! :)

So, I talked about the playroom/guest room we were working on in our basement eons ago.  Well...we have a re-engerized focus on in due almost entirely to the amount to toys Avery got for Christmas and her birthday.  If there is a plastic thing that moves or plays music, it is safe to say we probably own it!

Now, I am someone is is overly organized.  I label and color code whenever and whatever I can! :)  The toy clutter in our family room is driving me NUTS!  It is driving the husband nuts too, so we agreed to get going on the basement room.  So, we have been working over the holiday to finish.  As I have mentioned in the past this room is a old finished room in an unfinished basement.  I am pretty sure it used to be an old school "men's club" room... with a fireplace, wood floors and all!

So, this is a teaser as we don't have a finished product just yet, but we have painted the wood molding, painted the fireplace, and painted the wood floor!  It is a basement room so I wanted white and bright!  The husband finished the two daybeds.   What is next?  We have a TON of clutter to get out of there, need to add some shelves for toy storage, and do some last minute touches.  Hopefully we will finish soon!  In the meantime, check out this playroom inspiration (thanks Pinterst)!

Want to know how much work this has and continues to be?  Check out this photo (walls and wood paneling painted) but much more left to do!


Doing a house project with a kid is kind of like calculating your dogs age!  For every month we think this will take us it is at least 7! )  HOpefully will have something worthy of sharing soon!  Until next time...xoxo

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