Wednesday, February 22, 2012

D is for Dilemma!

So my friends S and B have found themselves in a dilemma.  They have an amazing brand new house and have made some furniture purchases but are having a hard time pulling it all together.  In particular they are finding their family room a bit of a challenge.  They have a wall of built-ins (with fireplace), they bought a lovely neutral (perfect) rug for the family room and a large leather couch.  The couch is kind of dark for the room and S admits maybe not exactly right.  But the couch is is a neutral brown leather.... we can make it work!  For those that are "design challenged" it is easy to buy a bunch of things and try to make it work.  Best thing to do is to find some photos of rooms you like and try to copy!  If decorating is not your think- copy those that do it well and don't be ashamed.  

Here is their room.
(Yes the Christmas tree has to come down and we need to find a bin for toys.)

First challenge is wall art for behind the couch!  You have to love it to look at it every day so love it.  Don't just pick something up because it matches the room's color scheme in the art aisle of Home Goods.   If you are not "art people" there are options out there including objects or photos (think family, not "art").    Like these....

Any of these objects would add some softness to the room.  My vote is for the gallery wall to add some "family" to the family room.   The key is to not get too fancy.  Stick to simple frames all in the same color.  You can do color or black and white or combo (as long as frames are all same color).  We can talk layout at a later date.  

What else does this room need (and I am going to help with... accessorizing bookshelves, adding softness with throw pillows and blankets, and accent furniture (end table, coffee table, etc).  S and B... you can do it and this room will be fabulous.



  1. Love the first picture with the yellow objects - it's so different!!!

  2. This post could be about C & J too:) I love the yellow objects also and that would look perfect in my new living room. My problem is finding stuff like that....any suggestions?