Saturday, November 21, 2009

G-G-G- Gift IDEAS!

So, my goodness I just realized that the holiday season is here... literally! I asked my husband today what he was going to give me for Christmas. His response was pajamas .... and he was being serious. He hates the sweats, RISD T-Shirt, and hoody that I love! Well husband, I ain't wearing no stinking fancy pajamas. But, with gifts on the mind... and yes, husband... I think you need the are a few items that I have my eye on for Christmas!

1. A new scent!
On a recent trip to DC, I stumbled across the best perfume. It is soft and pretty and smells really like soap. I am not attracted to perfumes that smell too fancy. I like things that smell of natural ingredients- but with a little bit of extra special-ness! This perfume is perfect. It is called Lollia Eau De Perfum.... I love the "Imagine" Scent. The lotion and other products are divine. But, in need of a new scent the perfume is my top priority!

2 . Bow- something!
In a recent post- I shared my love of bows! While compiling that post I came across a bracelet that I think I must have. It is bows galore. I am typically hesitant of bracelets because they
can be annoying... clanking around, getting caught on things, etc. But- this bracelet is just too cute! Husband- you still there? It would look cute with the bow ring you bought me last Christmas. Love it!

3. Flowers.... well not the real kind. The cute embellishments on clothing kind! Well, this rosette scarf to be specific! My mom actually found this scarf at Talbots of all places, but it is super cute. Would be great with a coat, but also just cute with a cardigan on a cool winter day. I love scarves and wear them constantly. This one is definitely a good addition to my collection. Now... what color? That is the hard part!

4. A Time Piece from my dream boyfriend- Marc Jacobs.

When I told the husband that I wanted a watch for Christmas his response was- you have a watch. Duh. I know... but I like a little variety and my current Marc Jacobs watch needs a fresh band... and well hell... I might as well just get a new watch! :) He does not really get my logic. I have a watch with a leather band- but I want one with the metal band. Well to be specific I want the "Tailored Suki". I heart Marc Jacobs watches... in a BIG way. There are so many cute ones- but I think this one is the one I must have! Classic, little bit of bling, not too big, not too small. Just really darned cute!

5. Bag.... well a Bow Bag! Yes, another bow! Kate Spade... I heart this bag.

I have been eyeing this bag for months! Love it. Cute- love the bow- but the bow is also not too overwhelming! It is a simple bow. Classic! I have been hoping the damn thing will go on sale, but it has not! I have watched it at Saks and Bloomingdales... waiting for an amazing coupon to just buy the damn thing myself! The husband says he will never buy me another bag or pair of shoes becuase I have too many, but that is where my heart lies! This bag is so adorable... I have to have it!!! Husband, don't you want to make me happy?

I have been doing some of my own shopping and have some amazing gift ideas.... given that those I gift to read this blog... I will have to share post holiday! Sorry!

Happy shopping! 34 days and counting until Christmas! Until Next Time...xoxo

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