Tuesday, November 24, 2009

H is for Hanging.... Plates!

So, I have always had a thing for plates.... particularly vintage plates. I don't eat off them, I hang them! I have a collection of rose plates in my guest room, I have white stoneware waiting to be hung in the family room and much more! I have a collection of lacey edged white plates (that were designed to be wall decor) that are in my living room. Made by "Two's Company"... they are one of my favorite things... although I need to find a better spot for them. (Same as ones left.) I know you are wondering how to hang plates that don't have pretty ribbons? Don't they fall off and break? No. Do you have to use those ugly three dimensional hangers that you can see? No.

I found these great Invisible Plate Hanger Discs at a Michael's Craft Store. (Also available at and They are super easy to attach, just wet the disc, apply to clean plate and let set for 24 hours. Once done.... it is as easy as hanging a picture frame. There are so many amazing plates that are too pretty to hide under a pile of food. Whether you like vintage, modern, solid or busy patterns- it all looks great!

Need some inspiration? Check these out!

Happy Plate Collecting. Until Next Time....xoxo

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  1. C - I saw your hanging plates the other day on one of my favorite gift websites, Layla Grace. Just in case your readers wanted to track them down as well! -S