Thursday, November 26, 2009

T is for Turkey.... well obviously!

So, Happy Turkey Day. I hope you are all spending time with the ones you love and giving thanks for all that you have! I am sure you are all stuffing yourselves silly too!

I love my mom's amazing T-Day feast! Sorry Mr. Turkey. Isn't this photo funny? Well... I really love turkey leftovers more than the actual day feast. Does anything beat a thanksgiving leftover sandwich? Some nice bread, little mayo, tad of cranberry sauce, turkey and stuffing. Amazing!

My mom always makes an extra large turkey just so we have the leftovers. Sometimes she even cooks a pre or post Thanksgiving turkey! This is probably a great idea... because in addition to yummy sandwiches, this turkey soup with stuffing dumplings sounds INCREDIBLE and got great reviews on the Food Network website! Have some extra turkey on your hands... give this recipe a go!

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