Monday, January 11, 2010

H.I.- Home Improvement! Half Bath!

Okay- giving you a first glimpse of my house! I did not think the husband or I were very handy- but I was wrong! The husband turned out to have some home repair skills. After a year in the house we could not deal with our hideous half bath. I cannot find the original photos, but it had peach striped wall pape with beige tiles half way up the wall. The beige tiles were a light tan with peach and brown flowers on them. The toilet was a dirty ivory color and the sink was beige with gold swirls in it. Beautiful .... hunh!

We had discussed updating it and had planned what we wanted it to look like... sort of. But, there were no plans for doing anything quite yet. Until.... one morning my husband woke up to the husband taking a crow bar to all the tile.. I am a super planner- so this was a bit of a shock for me. But, it did kick us into gear!

We hired a contractor to change the regular door to a pocket door ..... this made a HUGE difference in a tiny bathroom. Then, the husband did the rest himself. Beadboard on the walls. The wall was a disaster since we took the tile down so..... we had to cover the mess. We tiled the floor in vintage style black and white tile. Painted the walls lavender and bought a new sink and toilet. Finding a tiny sink was hard! It is a tiny space and we needed the tiniest sink ever. So many people do giant bathrooms- so tiny is not really "in". We ended up mail ordering it and it worked perfectly!

In Provence last summer we picked up some cute french accessories (hand towel hook, lavender soaps, etc.). Also found had some vintage amethyst apothecary bottles from another antique store. Items worked out perfect for the shelves the husband built flush into the wall. (There is a story there.... I will save for another time. Husband with hand saw cutting wall and potential pipe behind. You get the idea!)

We have been using the bathroom for a while, but with no light fixture. A week ago we finally officially finished the space with the installation of a tiny vintage chandelier. I had to talk the husband into it. I think it is perfect! I may do a window treatment at some point, but for now.... I am considering it done!

Check it out for yourself. (Photos are I Phone photos so not great.... but I am feeling too lazy right now!)

Before (after tile demolition)

In progress.....

After (hard to take photos of tiny space)

Found great ceiling tile mirror at Brimfield that is perfect in the space!

Home Improvement.... oh so much fun! Well, not really, but totally worth it!

Until Next Time....xoxo

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