Thursday, January 21, 2010

S! Shoe of the Day!

Okay, today is another shoe of the day. Last week I blogged about a pair of "Oh...Deer!" shoes and I am doing so again. I would not typically blog about a brand consecutively- but these babies are on sale for a steal so I had to share with you!

These shoes the "Fluff" Style are the cutest things ever! They would rank in my shoe closet in my top 5. Whenever I wear these ....I get tons of compliments. People stop me on the street and insist I tell them wear I got them. The husband and I went to dinner and our waitress was obsessed with my shoes. I thought she was going to steal them right off my feet. They are certainly a "statement" shoe. They look perfect with a little black summer dress. I love them with cuffed cropped jeans and a black top! They look fantastic with white pants and a black top with hip accessories. I would even sport these with black tights black skirt and a fun neutral top! How about with khakis with a button down white blouse? I could go on and on!

These shoes retail for $125. I bought them a year ago on Amazon on sale for $30. I thought that was a good deal, but they are now on clearance at for $19. What? Insane! I might need another pair (just in case mine get dirty)! How can I resist cheetah pony hair with scallop trim?

Keep your feet happy! Until Next Time....xoxo

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