Tuesday, January 5, 2010

S.T.: Shopping Tip.... Wisteria!

I am a slave to decorating my house. I cannot help myself. Even after two years- I still feel like most rooms are a work in progress just waiting for that perfect "it" item. I search many sites, stores, and flea markets constantly on the "look out"! One of my favorite places to shop is Wisteria. They have such cute and unique things! I heard about Wisteria when the Obama's were moving into the White House. The decorator that did their living quarters was boasting that so many of the things in the space were affordable and mentioned Wisteria. I quickly hit the web and was amazed. Now, Wisteria does also have what I would call expensive items, but there is also a ton of affordable stuff and they have good sales! If it is good enough for the Obama's .... it is good enough for me!

Check it out for yourself. Here are some of my favorite items!

I have been obsessing over this mirror. It might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!
I think these are cute to give as gift of display on a bookshelf or a bar!

They have the fork, knife and spoon. I saw these in decorating magazine and loved them!

Adorable in an office space or by a front door to hold mail!

Great for a bookself or nightstand.... love how they look perfectly worn!

Check Wisteria out for yourself! Until Next Time...xoxo

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