Friday, July 9, 2010

P.B.... Preferred Blogger! Thanks CSN!

Well, I have some exciting news!  CSN Stores has made me a "Preferred Blogger"!  How exciting is that?  I guess they like my blog and appreciated my successful giveaway a few months ago of the CSN Stores Skip Hop Vine pillow that they are officially "liking" me!

What does this mean exactly?  It means that every few months I will be afforded the opportunity to do another giveaway or to review one of their MILLIONS (literally) of products so I can share with you!  In the spirit of giving.... I decided I would like to do another giveaway first.  You will have to check back next week for the giveaway details!  Yep, this is a teaser and I am making you wait! :)

As an avid online shopper... CSN is a dream!  They literally have zillions of stores that carry everything; furniture, home decor, shoes, outdoor gear, luggage, office paraphenalia, etc!  With baby on the way I have been pretty focused on their baby stuff!

This is the stroller of my dreams! 

This one is pretty darn cute too and a bit more in my price range!

This diaper bag is not baby-ish and is super hip! 

And... what about a gift for my other baby....our chocolate lab, Casey?

And... maybe a little something special for myself?   I do love shoes!  

See... I told you CSN stores had EVERYTHING!  Check it out for yourself and get ready for a my first "Preferred Blogger" GIVEAWAY here next week!   Until next time....xoxo

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