Friday, August 6, 2010

G.S.... Giveaway Scout!

If you are like me.... you love a good giveaway.  As mentioned, CSN stores has made me a Preferred Blogger, so I will get the option of doing more giveaways soon.  Of course, the time might come when I keep the $50 and buy something for myself too! :)

Anyways, I discovered Giveaway Scout.  It is a site that lets you know about all the best giveaways. It will give you automatic updates when there are new giveaways. I am going to join Giveaway Scout to help advertise future giveaways.  So, if you have a blog with giveaways you might want to join too so you have another place to promote your giveaways!

Want to know when my next giveaway is?  All I can say is... hopefully very soon!  

Until next time....xoxo

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