Wednesday, September 22, 2010

S.M.... Sale Mail!

I cannot keep up with my sale mail this week!  So much good stuff and so little time to sort through it.  I actually am in San Francisco this week on business for my "real" job.  (Hence the blog post with no photo.... not on my own computer and rushed for time!)  While here in San Francisco, I was pretty thrilled to visit the Shop It To Me Office for work.  How exciting... right?  It is very cool to meet entrepreneurs who have come up with such brillant ideas.... especially related to shopping! :)

If you read this and don't know what Sale Mail  or Shop It To Me is... you must be living under a rock! In short, Shop It To Me is a website you go to and tell all your shopping desires to.  You sign in and let them know what designers you like, what items you like (shoes, handbags, etc) and what sizes you are.  When those types of items go on sale, you are made "in the know".  They send you "Sale Mail" daily, weekly or bi-weekly (you choose) and show you the types of things you like with a link to the site to buy it on sale. It is dangerous, but so great!   If you don't have a Shop It To Me account, get one now.   Here is the link!   They also partner with stores to have special deals.  I got an amazing Shop It To Me Discount on Tory Burch flats.  Orginally $195.... bought after seeing it in my "sale mail" for $65.  It does not get much better than that! 

 Until next time...xoxo

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