Monday, October 25, 2010

A.B.C...Wall! Part One.

Okay, as I have said... which came first the chicken or the egg when it goes to the A to Z theme in my life?  I don't know!   But I am finding myself obsessed with letters.  The husband and I have been hard at work on the nursery.  I am not ready to do a full unveiling as there is a TON of crap in there right now, but I am going to share one "feature" tomorrow.

Today,  I will unveil the inspiration for said "feature".  I am not really a big "theme" person so I knew I needed some decor that would look great in a nursery but I would not be sick of in a month.  I saw these great Alphabet Walls and knew I wanted one in our baby girl's room too!   I had saved these images to the "Courtney Files", so sorry I don't know where each came from , but I did a lot of time perusing  Oh Dee Doh and Project Nursery in addition to general google searching.

Here are the photos that truly inspired me!   

Tomorrow I will share my rendition of a Alphabet Wall!  Stay tuned!  Until next time...xoxo

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