Monday, November 22, 2010

F is for FLOR!

My friend "LB" emailed me to say that I should do a post on FLOR floor tiles!  Then this weekend, I was catching up on last week's Nate Burkus Show and he too talked about FLOR.  Given the phase of life I am in, FLOR should be on my radar screen.   Why have I not blogged about FLOR before?

 When you have pets or kids, floor tiles are a no brainer.  Spill on one you can pick it up an clean it.  If it is destroyed... order a new piece!  They are eco-friendly and the company will take your old "squares" and recycle them when you are done with them.

They come in solids or prints and are very reasonably priced.  

Here is the skinny on why FLOR.    Create a "rug" of your own.  The options are endless!!!  Until next time...xoxo

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