Friday, November 5, 2010

S is for Stick or Solid... perfume!

So, I stumbled across these very cute and very pretty smelling solid perfumes!  They are made by Crazylibellule & the Poppies.  Why do I love these?  They are frenchy french.... I love me something french.  They are the perfect travel companion.   It is a stick, not a liquid and not a gel! :)  For someone who travels a lot.... this is exciting.  They are also very reasonably priced (approximately $16 or so)... so you can keep one in your purse or wherever and reapply as needed.

They have a bunch of great scents.  If you like fruits or flowers or whatnot- they have you covered.  I have and love the Pompon Gardenia and the Lilas Spiritual (lilac).  I love the smell of fresh, not too perfumey flowers.  If you like sweeter smells check out  the Vanilla Lemon Pie scent or Dans Tes Bras (pinkberry, peach and patchouli).    Some are heavier than others- so you can try out a few to find your perfect scent.

You can buy them at AmazonSephora, or on the Crazylibellule & the Poppies website.   Get yourself a stick and smell delightful!  Until next time...xoxo

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