Monday, November 8, 2010

T.P.: Thomas Paul Pillows... on Gilt now!

I have been desperately needing and wanting to update our master bedroom linens!  We got two gorgeous duvets when we got married, but after being washed A LOT over the past three years, they both look tired and sad.   like to have two duvets so when one is in the wash, I have another option.   I have a sort of silhouette theme going in our bedroom- and would like to keep some the accessories, but it needs some updating and some slightly bolder color.  I stumbled across these Thomas Paul pillows on Gilt Group and thought... yes, that works! :)   An aqua duvet would be perfect  and would add some cheer.  I could also add in a black duvet as my alternate if I wanted.

Thomas Paul Pillow Retails for $100
Bought on Gilt for $40

If aqua/black is not your thing, Gilt is selling other options too. This dusty purple number is pretty cute!  

This one sold out quick- but is chic too!
I am feeling super excited that I finally have a plan to go on to spice up my master bedroom!  Sometimes all you need is one "inspiration" item and then you are good to go!  Stay tuned...I will share photos once I find the perfect duvet and put it all together!  I am very particular with how I style my bed.  If you want one of these pillows hurry!  Things sell out quick and this "Shades of Gray" sale ends 11/10/11 at midnight!

Until next time...xoxo

PS:  Still not on Gilt?  Get with it!  Here is an invitation link from me to you!

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