Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A.W.L.... Art We Love!

Artist:  Seth Indigo Carnes
When my husband and I first moved in together... our first "disagreement" was focused around art.  He had a bunch of posters from Prints Plus that he wanted to hang on our walls.  My least favorite of which was the lava flowing into the ocean poster.  ICK!  I was quick to tell him that if we were going to hang art of the wall it was going to be actual photos and paintings and not posters of such.

Many people think that they cannot afford proper artwork, but my friends ... you can!  Affordable artwork is just a mouse click away.  I have spoken of Etsy a lot. You do have to kind of have an idea of what you want to search for, but there are so many options.

Art We Love (featured on the Nate Burkus Show last week) is another great resource for original artwork at a variety of price points starting at $15.  Here are some of my favorites!

Artist Midori Harima
Artist:  Stefan Hengst

Artist Tomoo Gokita

Finally, 20X200 offers a great variety of artwork also! The have photos and other works on paper and introduce two new editions each week.   As the name will tell you- you can purchase prints for as low as $20 bucks and as high as $200 (dependent on size).  There is something for everyone!  Here are a few examples of what you can find at 20X200.

Artist Christian Chaize
Artist:  Lisa Congdon

Artist:  Valerie Roybal

Go on... support artist and get youself something unique and original and now sold at your local mall! :)  Until next time...xoxo

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