Monday, January 17, 2011

B is for background!

So, today is a long weekend.  Happy Martin Luther King day.  Today is a "half post".  Okay, you likely noticed the "look" of my blog background has changed.  This is not because I wanted to!  I used a free blog template from Shabby Blogs and got a notice that they were moving their server so I had to change the code on my blog (blog speak).  Well, they no longer had the background I used.... annoying.  So, I had to go looking for another option.  I found a similar yellow damask which will work for now.  I need some free time (yeah right) to work on my blog design- specifically the title banner which you will now notice is currently plain. Thanks for your patience.   Someday before Avery goes to pre-school I will find some time to play around with the design and come up with something great!

Any suggestions?  Any html experts/designers out there want to offer me up something great?  Until next time...xoxo

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