Wednesday, January 19, 2011

R is for Review... CSN product review!

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, the generous folks at CSN offered me up another opportunity to have a giveaway or do a product review.  After several giveaways, I decided to be selfish this time and do a product review.  It was hard to decide what to get from their zillions of products, but I went with a baby product.  With a 5 week old, this was likely an obvious choice!

I went with the Baby K'Tan Sling.  I have been incredibly lucky to date, Avery has been a very easy baby (currently knocking on wood). She sleeps for 4-5 hour stints, can usually be comforted pretty easily.  The only hard part is that she has a need to be held... all the time!  I can hold her till she falls asleep and very gently place her in the bassinet and boom... she wakes!  She will cry if in her swing or bassinet but as soon as I pick her up she is fine.  If I put her back down, boom... crying!  They say you should not let babies under 3 months cry it out, so this means I am doing a lot of cuddling  and holding with Avery.  In order to get anything done, I determined that a sling is a must.

Let me tell you this baby K'Tan is a life saver.  I can pop Avery in there and she is content... very content (see photo).  She will sleep in there for hours allowing me to tidy up, blog, and give my arms a rest.  There are a lot of sling options out there, so why did I choose the K'Tan?  
1.  The  K'Tan seemed fairly simple to use compared to some others.
2.  Can be used for newborns or older babies and offers a variety ways/styles to carry baby.  I have been mostly utilizing the "Cradle" hold.  Mastering the different options does take some practice, but the website is super helpful (as is the instruction manual).      
3.  It is also ergonomically designed so it is kind to your back.  
4.  It is made of a super soft cotton and comes in a variety of colors (includes a little matching hat and wrap/pouch.  I went with black... of course.     

I think this offers the same thing "swaddling" does.  It is cozy and warm and reminds babies of being back in their mommies tummies.  Some reasearch indicates that babies who are carried around in slings for several hours a day sleep longer through the night.  (Believe this or not- there is research on everything! :)  I imagine some babies are not into slings, but my baby could live in there! :)  Now, slings do come with a warning.  You need to be sure to position the baby correctly making sure mouth is not covered as to prevent suffocation.   Make sure you fully read the instruction pamphlet that comes with it!

If you are are new mom or know someone who is about to be a new mom- a sling is a must have!  At least I think so!    Thanks to CSN for my baby K'Tan!  Do you want one?  You can buy one  right now at CSN stores.  Until next time...xoxo

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