Friday, May 13, 2011

C.P.... Chalk Paint!

Oh where were you the past few years when I really needed you! I am not talking about chalkboard paint(which is great) but Annie Sloan’s chalk paint from England. This paint is really getting popular and is now available from a few places in the US with the numbers rapidly increasing.

You ask... what is so great about Chalk Paint? Well, I have not used it yet but will be
ordering soon.  I had hoped to find a "must have" furniture piece at Brimfield earlier this week that I could try the paint on.   Of course I will also have to find time to paint (not easy with a baby).   Oh maybe I will just buy some for my mother who helps me paint a lot of furniture and is currently a little obsessed with the idea of this paint.

Chalk paint is like "Painting for Dummies".  It is amazing because you do not have to strip, sand or prime the old finish before you use it. It can be used on wood, metal and a variety of surfaces.  You know I paint anything and everything!   I don’t want to tell you how much sanding and priming has gone on in my life.

I first learned about Chalk Paint from Miss Mustard Seed.  Thank you Marion!   She has used Chalk Paint on a variety of projects with beautiful results.

 How amazing are Miss Mustard Seed's projects?  I need to find a furniture piece to paint ASAP!  If I don't, my mother will (crutches and all)!  Until next time....xoxo

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