Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B is for Brimfield!

Yep, it's back!  I was not sure I would make it to Brimfield this year as the usual suspects (my mom and my aunt) could not unite as my mom is on crutches.  But, luckily my friend KB stepped in and went with me for her second Brimfield trip.  You can always count on Brimfield for some wierd things.... like wax Pilgrim sculptures!  Don't me and my pilgrim friend look cute!?

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Brimfield?  I wrote about it here, here, here and here and more times than just those.  I did not have anything on my list this year- which was sad.  When we bought our house I always had a long list.   When I was working on Avery's nursery- I had a long list.  Dare I say that I am running out of things that I "need"?  Well, that did not stop me from buying a few things!

Loved this clock.... did not buy! :)
I have a thing for lockers right now, but did not buy!  
Still love letters!  I did buy these small letter tiles.
I think I will add to bookshelf front in Avery's room!
The letters were actually all in a big bin, I had to figure out what to spell and then search for the letters I needed. 
At a different booth- found more letters.
Bought ones for my niece who has a name that you will never find on a mug or pencil! :)
My favorite purchase of the day.... these adorable baby shoe molds.
I actually bought two pairs.  I think they will make wicked cute book ends!
I also bought a baby gift for a friend- but don't want to share that just yet! :)  Cannot wait for the July show.  Until next time...xoxo

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