Wednesday, July 14, 2010

U is for update....breakfast nook update!

Okay, it is not TOTALLY finished, but thought I would give an update on our breakfast nook!  As you will remember from past posts, my husband built awesome breakfast nook benches!  I had always wanted a breakfast nook and found lots of inspiration!  A nook is such a better use for our space and looks much better with our newly painted kitchen cabinets, granite countertops and tin backsplash!  It is a whole new kitchen from when we moved in!

For several months the benches seemed more like a kitchen nook couch as we have not had a table!  I thought we could just buy a pedestal base and make appropriate sized table top, but that proved more complicated than I had imagined.  I did not want to spend a ton of money on a custom table at this point.  One day on way home from New Hampshire we stopped at one of my favorite consignment stores and found the perfect trestle table for the perfect price.  It was more off-white/peach so I gave it a new coat of bright white paint and voila!

Here are some (not great quality) photos!

It is getting lots of use!  We missed having a kitchen table!

It is not complete as I am looking for perfect pillows (the damask and black ones are temporary- had them hanging around).  I also would like to take down blinds and add a bit of a window treatment.  Finally, want to removed fan from kitchen ceiling and get smaller chandelier to add above nook.

There is still also a need to touch up paint on all the white trim... but think that is a fall project!  Until next time....xoxo


  1. I love your breakfast nook and so enjoy reading your blog!!

  2. It looks great. What a pretty trestle table. It is a perfect breakfast nook!

  3. What a wonderful breakfast the look!


  4. Love it! Such a great way to get a dining area in a small space - I wish my husband could build me a bench like yours!

  5. that looks great! i have been toying with that idea-our kitchen is a similar lay out to yours,but i think we may hace a bit more room. do you find that the seat by the back door is disruptive or annoying or anything? i was also entertaining the idea of a peninsula coming out from the left of the stove b/c we are going to open up to the living room with a half wall where you have your wine storage.

    sorry, i'm getting carried away, but it's just so much easier when you see what someone else did with what you have, too, you know?

  6. Cape on the Corner... thanks for your comment on my breakfast nook. It is a great use of space in our unsual layout! I do not find the seat by the back door disruptive. Our kitchen is is a high traffic area, so I would not describe it as a "quiet" spot! :) I love the idea of a pennisula too, but did not work for our particular space. You have to walk through our kitchen to get to most other rooms in the house including stairs to upstairs. The nook has become a nice "hangout" area which I like.... comfy and cosy!

    Good luck with your kitchen makeover! :)